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Knitting update

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I was just tidying up my Ravelry projects by linking to blog posts and realized I hadn't posted some finished objects from the end of December and through January.

The red dalek for my brother completes the set of three (the first was grey, the second gold):

Red Dalek

Fingerless mitts for mom to match the sweater I knit for her dog. I included a couple pairs of those light super stretchy gloves you can get for a buck (or much less if you buy them this time of the year) so she can layer them and wear the mitts earlier in the spring and later in the fall. One of the pairs is just a touch more green than the mitts, the other was basic black.

Dog Walker Mitt

I forgot to get a shot of the pair before I mailed them out so the crappy "yay! one down!" shot is all I have.

I really love that yarn color, I'll have to make myself something with it someday.

The cats needed a holiday gift as well so...

Catnip ROUS Catnip ROUS - Head

Catnip ROUS time. I wrote down what I did the first time I made one a couple years ago and just had to follow the pattern. It was so much fun to make I made another that I forgot to photograph before the cats got it, just imagine this one with mint green instead of the orange and blue in place of the red for the head and one ear and the butt and the other ear and middle in grey. :)

And a bit of doll knitting:

SD slippers

Slippers for Kris's boy Saiid so the poor desert adapted elf doesn't freeze his toes off. They're about three inches long, which makes them huge compared to my usual doll knits since my girls are smaller scale.
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