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It Is DONE... almost

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I just finished binding off my red shawl!

I started it three years ago in June 2008. At times it spent months ignored in the project box. I went a bit nuts and dumped the last 44 row section for a 112 row section of my own design, making it much larger than I expected it to be when I cast on those original nine stitches. It is so large that completely unblocked and crinkled up it's already 43" down the "spine" and about 90" across the "wingspan".

Blocking this will be a challenge. My original plan involved half a dozen stainless steel welding rods, twenty five long zip ties, between one and two hundred T pins (that's all I have), and a sheet of foam insulation board. I had figured an 8'x4' surface would be plenty, now however... well it would be a very gentle blocking.

Maybe I could use two boards, cutting one into a 8'x2' piece and two 4'x2' pieces to extend the other to 12'x6' (with 2' square missing corners on one long side). I won't need that much space but more than 8'x4' seems very likely.

Thank goodness I'm tall.
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