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Another long term project done

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Another long term project done

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Remember those socks I was working on that went from socks to knee socks to thigh high socks? They're done!

Tall Socks

I ran out of yarn just after the knee shaping, which stalled these for a good nine months. Eventually I decided to just use another yarn for the ribbing and finish them.

Tall Socks - Gusseted Heel

The gusset heading into the heel (remember I knit these from the toe up the leg). Traditionally the increases for the instep and leading into the heel are done on the sides of the sock. I don't care for the way the stitches flow that way so I put them in the center of the sole. On other socks I've added them in the center each time, which makes a patter rather like a feather, this time I added them just outside the previous increases, which made a wedge. If I lean the increases in the opposite direction this will be less noticeable, which is what I plan to do on my next pair.

Tall Socks - Calf Increase

This is the calf increase panel. My calves are nearly twice the circumference of my ankles so there is an increasing panel on both sides of the leg. In addition to the increase in stitches I also changed needle sizes, using size 3 on the foot, 4 after turning the heel and through this increase panel and calf repeats, and then 5 when I started the knee shaping.

Tall Socks - Back Of Knee

And this would be the back of the knee. My knee is a bit more than three quarters of my calf circumference, thus the increase to a size 5 needle.

I had hoped to do at least three pattern repeats after finishing the back of the knee but only had enough yarn to do three quarters of one repeat. Thankfully the last two rows of the repeat are just the 7-to-1 decrease to made the fan and a plain row afterward. As a result, switching to the other yarn and just knitting the decrease row as entirely knits and the large decrease and then using the following row to transition to the 2x1 ribbing isn't an obvious pattern truncation.

I did the one repeat and the ribbing on size 6 needles. In retrospect I probably should have dropped back down to 5, or maybe even 4 for the ribbing. While I needed the larger needle for the pattern stitch to fit my thigh, the ribbing is not snug enough to do the intended job of holding the socks up. The knee shaping may do the trick though, I won't know until I actually wear the socks for more than a couple minutes of "OMG DONE!" happiness. If they need some help staying up I'll just have to make myself some garters. :)

Or get a wild hair, rip out the ribbing, and knit it again on the smaller needles. The garters are more likely.

If I ever figure out how to get a good photo of these on my legs you will see them again.
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