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And I have knitting to prove it.

I really do need to do this more often just so I have less to dig up when I do get around to posting.

Okay, roughly oldest to newest:

Back in February I tried the "knit a warm hat, get warm weather" trick that worked last year... no such luck this time.
Spring Come Quickly

Then I had the urge to knit something out of the remains of the yarn I bought for Turbo's sweater:
Ocean Flower

I wanted to knit that pattern for ages. Alas, even in the first week of March that didn't trigger warmer weather.

Then about mid-March I received my birthday present from [info]toshirodragon and had to knit Namid something to go with her awesome new shoes:
Lace Cable Skirt - Front

I still need to reblock that and get a nice photo of it as part of an outfit. The awesome shoes are these:
Spring Shoes

I need to knit some taller socks to go with them obviously.

Now that green skirt is cute, but I made is short because I was near the end of the ball of thread. The original idea was longer so I made another:
Lace Cable Skirt 2 - Front

And then I decided I needed to knit something for me and use up some garish sock yarn I had from the fish hat I knit for someone else's doll:
Fugly Socks

They are the same size of course. They are also kind of fugly and I keep telling myself I will dye them someday (the nylon content will take dye, the acrylic will not, they might end up fuglier).

Ironically, my "use it up" project took more yarn than I had so I have another ball of this stuff to use up. Expect another pair of fugly socks in the future.

Then, for some reason, damned if I can remember what it was, I decided I needed to knit socks for Anjeni and her 4cm long feet:
Anjeni's Sock Anjeni's Socks

Perhaps it was just because I could.

And because I just finished it you get this one out from under the cut:
Lace Yoke Shell All dressed up...

This is an adaption of a baby top pattern. I may blog about that separately on that craft blog I keep saying I will get started.
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