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Well I've ripped out the sewing thread knitting I was doing and I'll be restarting it. It's not Shadow's fault. Apparently I missed a stitch, in the middle of the lace pattern of course, and didn't notice it until bout ten rows later.... I tried the trick where you deliberately drop and run stitches down so you can reknit the area with the mistake. Alas, with the tiny stitches and the way this stitch pattern makes and consumes stitches in different parts of the row it just didn't work.

So, to remind myself that other projects are actually working, you get some more knitting photos.

Water Bottle Cozies

Water bottle cozies for myself and [info]hafoc at Anthrocon. :)

Cables & Fans - Reknit

Socks that I ripped out and reknit so they fit better.

Just Because Shrug

A shrug I'm knitting just because I loved the yarn and needed a project that wouldn't use more than three balls of it. That's the second ball there in the photo, the last one will be split to finish the sleeves (probably elbow length).
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