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I really should make a point of posting something on a regular basis outside of the month of November.

Looking back, my last post was in mid-July. Well since then I went and visited family for most of the month of August. There isn't much to say about that other than I figured out that setting up a wireless router with Verizon's DSL is not as straight forward as you would think. But I did it, and after that point I had a nice connection to use the laptop with and did not have to borrow my brother's PC to get online.

Mom waffled on getting herself a laptop again. I told her my first day there that if she wanted one we should pick it out early in my visit. So of course she decides to seriously consider it the day before I planned to leave. Ultimately she opted not to, but I half expect a phone call where she says she bought one and needs help setting up everything (and I do mean everything, the closest she's come to having a computer is an electronic typewriter).

So I guess this is where I bore all of you with knitting.

I crocheted a hat while at AnthroCon:

Another Cotton Cloche

Yes, it's that Japanese pattern again.

I also started a pair of socks there, but those will come later since I'm attempting to stick to the order in which I completed things.

I finished that shrug I knit "just because" I liked the yarn.
Just Because Shrug - Front Just Because Shrug - Back

I should have settled it on my shoulders better before I had [info]hafoc take the photos. I hate photos that contain portions of me below the bust. I suppose that is an improvement over hating all photos of me.

While I was visiting family I knit this waterbottle cozy for Mulefoot:
Mulefoot's Water Cozy

I couldn't find a yarn precisely the colors I wanted, so I striped two colors that were at least close.

And then I fnished the socks, I call them Fugly Socks v2
Fugly Sock v2

The other one looks about the same. Finally I have used up all of that yarn.

Now technically this next one was finished, knitting wise, before the waterbottle cozy and the socks. However, lace needs to be blocked to look good, so it doesn't count as done until I unpin it, which I don't want to do until it's ready to be modeled because the more time it spends stretched out the more the acrylic portion of the yarn will accept the new shape. Now if I steamed it the acrylic would be permanently set, but since I'm not sure I like the way I pinned out the edge I'm not going to steam it yet (I'll repin and do that at some point in the future).

Mini Aeolian - Blocking

You'll see this one again later when I get Namid ready to model it. At the moment she doesn't have anything to wear it with. While I don't mind a "nude but for shoes and shawl" photos they aren't really suitable for all ages sites like Ravelry (even if I haven't blushed Namid, she's still rather anatomically correct...).

A non-knitting thing!

Anjeni's Red Glasses

What you get with one paperclip, three inches of fine wire, and a bit of boredom, dolly glasses. :)

And finally, unfinished knitting. Remember that sweater I started back in 2008 and ended up tearing completely out? Well I washed the yarn and reknit the sweater. Here's the completed body and neck waiting for me to finish knitting the sleeves and properly sew up the sides (they're basted closed for trial purposes).

Borrowing John's Sweater - Body

I think the color change (which does not exist in person) is the result of the flash scattering differently on the preciously washed and unwashed yarn.

I have about three and a half inches of the sleeves done (I'm knitting them both at once) so in another eighteen or so I will be at the underarm. :)

I really do need to post more often. *whew*
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