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Not NaNo, Knitting

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I know, you're all excited by both of those topics. ;)

I finally managed to get a spot of Not Raining to get some photos of my doll knitting.

First up, that doll shawl that has been done and blocked for months. It's been waiting so long for a photo it almost needs to be blocked again.

Mini Aeolian 2

Mini Aeolian 1

There are somewhere around 300 beads in that shawl, in two sizes. I omitted something like 500 beads from the pattern too.

The shawl doesn't really go with anything in Namid's wardrobe so I knit her an outfit to go with it.

Swirl Top - Blocked

Both pieces were things I made up as I went along. The skirt is ridiculously simple, just a tube of linen stitch with some decreases for her hips and some short rows at the back waist so she won't moon anyone when she sits down.

The top was knit from the neck down, using the spiral eyelet pattern from a doily I like. I just continued an arm of the spiral down each sleeve and added extra arms to it at the ends to bell the hem. The next time I make one of these I'll try taking a couple arms of the spiral down the torso too. I'll also have to make a version with cap sleeves because when it was a work in progress it looked really cute before I knit the sleeves.
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