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A bit of this and that

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Massive catch up post is going to be massive.

On the knitting front, well I have a lot of works in progress and not that many finished ones. And it took me a while to get photos for those so there's a pile up.

Okay the first thing isn't knitted. I've been keeping my hair shorter lately so I decided I needed some neckwarmers/cowls for those occasions when I'm not wearing a coat with a hood. So I made one to match that first hat I made from the Japanese pattern I've used three times.

Netted Cowl

I could have maybe made it a bit more snug, but I'm not as accustomed to the way crocheted fabric behaves and I didn't want to end up with something I couldn't get over my head and have to remake it. For those that crochet, I basically made the hat again starting with a round of foundation single crochet to omit the crown of the hat. When I was done I just went back and added the reverse single crochet (crab stitch) edging. I consider this one made at Further Confusion because I started it in the hotel at the airport the night before the flight and did the bulk of the work on the plane before finishing it at the con.

Artic Spiral Hat

A simple beanie with spiral stripes. I think this is about the limit of my tolerance for color work, wrangling 4 balls of yarn (well three, I used both ends on the black) was a pain in the ass. I think I actually made this before the cowl.

Sailor Rib Socks

Started before the con, worked on while at the con, finished after the con. I would have worked on them on the plane (I did do a few rounds) but the flight back was packed and even though I can knit with minimal elbow room it's really NOT enjoyable. I slept instead.

Rico's Slippers

Leftover sock yarn belongs to the dolls. :)

Putting On - Taking Off

Rico seems to like the set. It's become a tradition (if you can call it that after only three dolls) that they get slippers, a matching sweater, and lounging pants. Rico still needs me to clear some space to cut fabric and sew her pants, but she came with the leather ones and doesn't mind wearing the sweater with those (and her boots).

Rico's Sweater - Front Rico's Sweater - Back

And her sweater more clearly. I actually ran out of yarn with just the neck finishing left to do so this was on hold for all of February until I gave in and mail ordered another ball of yarn, it just wasn't being restocked in my local store. Thankfully Jo-ann.com had 29 cent shipping on leap day so I didn't pay anymore for it than I would have locally. The new ball is just a hair darker and more saturated than the original so I'm very glad I had enough to make the change at the neck finishing and not something like half way through the shoulders.

Diamond Vest With Skirt

There was a bit of a craze on DoA about this vest pattern. It was written for a yo-sd sized doll and then someone made it with size 3 needles and it fit on their Resinsoul Yao. Well if it fit Yao it would definitely fit the slightly slimmer Mei.... I did end up tweaking the pattern, but not for fit, I just didn't like the way the sleeve caps were done (long floats and doll fingers are a bad combo) and I thought the back could fit more smoothly over the booty that RS girls have.

Diamond Vest - Back

The skirt I made up as I went just so Namid would have something the vest would go with. I split some worsted for it and I don't expect it will hold up all that well with handling, but it will do for now. I want to make her a sundress to go with it, something with spaghetti straps and a lace hemmed skirt.

Now for some of my works in progress.

Omeletini - WIP - A

Doubled sewing thread and 0000 needles. It's Knitty's omelet shawl scaled down for Anjeni. I haven't worked on it for a while, the centered double decrease is a pain at this scale with the very inelastic thread. I'm thinking only two repeats of chart B rather than four because it's already big enough to cover her shoulders and it might be nice to have a shawl for her that isn't huge in scale.

Gerald's Lapghan - WIP

A lap blanket for my dad. I'm a bit farther along now, somewhere between one half and two-thirds done. It's boring as hell to knit but that means I can watch TV/stream video while I do it. I might even catch up some anime I've been meaning to watch. XD

I think that caught up my knitting, other than the fact that I finished knitting my sweater months ago and have procrastinated so long on sewing it up the weather has become too warm to wear it. I'll have to sew the sleeves in and seam the sides and find out once and for all if I knit the sleeves too long. I think that's a big part of why I haven't done it yet, I'm afraid I'll find out I need to fix the sleeves. I keep telling myself I'm skilled enough that should the worst happen I can cut the cuffs off and reknit them shorter. If I cut the right spot it will be like grafting ribbing to reattach them. Slightly tricky, but possible.

Onto other things! I saw a video about making a bead ring and had to try it.

Bead Ring 1 Bead Ring 1 - Side

My first attempt with whatever beads I could dig out of the very messy stash late at night. The black seed beads are "craft" quality and very irregular which doesn't help this poor thing at all.

Bead Ring 2 Bead Ring 2 - Side

My second attempt had better (though not good) seed beads but my central bead is hand made and lopsided. I improvised some changes to try to work around that. Overall I liked the colors but the lopsided effect and the fact it came out just a bit too snug to wear on my preferred finger disappointed me.

Bead Ring 3 Bead Ring 3 - Side

Third time is the charm? I really like how this one turned out. Replacing one of the seed bead colors with a small round bead opened up the lattice of the band too. It doesn't hurt that I like the amber and red-orange beads with the brown and gold either.

Bead Ring 2.5 Bead Ring 2.5 - Side

After looking at the third ring for a while I decided to remake the second, using some of the changes I made with the third. I kept the blue and brown band for the most part, but swaped out some of the blue beads near the focus for gold so I could make the teal crystals stand out more. Red, spring green, and teal work surprisingly well together I think.

The ring shots show off the white nails I was sporting for about a week.

Prior to those I had Mardi Gras inspired nails.

Mardi Nails

I was aiming for an effect I saw on Pinterest and missed. I think a filbert brush is required for that one.

After that I went white and eventually became bored with it and did this:

Leopard Nails

Which looked kinda nice on the left hand but was distinctly not as nice on the right. I'm not sure I'm really a fan of patterns like this on my nails. Maybe different colors? It was a bit distracting, and given I needed four coats to get the white to look good I was up to seven layers of paint in some spots where the teal overlapped the silver, too many!

On the crafty front, I'm pondering Kindle covers. My birthday is today and my present from Hafoc needs a cover. :)
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