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I've let this slide a lot lately, it's requiring something like effort and I've been putting it off. So, as has become my habit, you get a catch up post of tedious length.

First off, NaNoWriMo.

I only posted once, which is generally a very bad sign. Well I did hammer out 50,000 words and "win" again but it was soul sucking and joyless and the first pass edit took out nearly half of those words. I spent all month restarting the story and getting myself to points where I hated everything about it and restarting it again. I think I can maybe tweak three of those false starts into one timeline but I suspect still more words will be cut out before I even think about adding to them.

So the lesson of this NaNo? If I don't have something I'm really interested in writing, do not do NaNo. Also, if that interesting thing involves any amount of "mystery" to the plot I'm basically shooting my foot before I start the race. I'm just plain bad at writing mystery, probably because I'm bad at figuring them out in the first place. XD

Other things. Well part of the hassle of NaNo was that there was kitchen renovation going on while I was trying to write. We have an awesome kitchen now though. :)

I think I'm down to the knitting portion of our program, so have a cut.

Holy flipping pancakes, have I really not mentioned knitting since MARCH?!

Okay, I'm probably not going to list everything since, nine months is a heck of a long time.

I finished the lap afghan for Dad:

Gerald's Lapghan

I suspect it will be lovingly stored in the box I packed it in rather than used. But maybe Mom will convince him it would be handy for chilly waiting rooms and doctor's appointments.

Kris showed me a photo of a hat she liked, I took a stab at replicating it:


The yarn was too thin so I had to do more repeats of the pattern than the original, but the stitch pattern is definitely right. Though there was no shot of the crown of the hat so that's entirely made up. I have another in heavier yarn that I need to wash and photograph still.

In fact, I have a lot of knitting in need of a wash/block and photo shoot. I should work on that.

My local Ben Franklin went out of business this summer. One of the last things I bought there was a skein of yarn in a colorway I've admired for ages called "cherry cola". One skein pretty much means a hat or a pair of mitts so I looked for something that was plain enough to show off the yarn without being too boring to knit.


Conveniently, using a thicker than called for yarn with slightly larger needles made it fit my overly large skull very well.

One item of doll clothing did get photographed, but not that prettily. It started out as a swatch for another project. The lace pattern got passed over in favor of cables for that one but it did end up making a somewhat daring halter top....

Hex Petal Lace Halter

Insert a couple doll items here that need the wash/block/photo treatment. And also mailing out to Kris.

And in a fit of "ARGH, I hate everything I am knitting right now!" I knit a headband for Namid. No photo of it on her yet since it definitely doesn't go with what she's wearing at the moment, but it was a nice distraction.

Dollorimetry - Snapped

There's a shot of it unsnapped here. Yes, the yarn is hot pink and orange held together and the button is purple, Namid likes lots of color.

And that leaves one bit of knitting out from under the cut. Why? Because I actually wrote up the pattern and put it up for sale today.

Burgundy Shorts - Front Burgundy Shorts Too - Back

Modeled on two different dolls. (The booty shot is my new girl, Talar, who also needs a photo shoot....)

As a result of having this pattern up for sale I've been dusting off Omnifariously Knotty. I need to get that site template working with OpenID (the hooks are all there, the layout just doesn't display anything for it) and, you know, put some content in there. XD
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