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Well, not really, but I sure did increase my output there for a bit at the end of May. There was a doll meet/party at Mint on Card, a doll store in Traverse City, and I wanted my girls to look their best so I went a bit nuts for a week or so beforehand.

In more or less chronological order...

Berry Rose Tee

The sweater I mentioned finishing last time. It was done, and even blocked, before I started the frenzy but I hadn't yet photographed it. And other than washing and blocking the skirt I chose to use with it that was all Namid needed to look nice.

Namid - 13-05-31

The only doll that needed less work was Rico, and thats only because of the time limit. If I had had more time I would have knit her something new too. Instead she swiped Talar's t-shirt and got into her leathers.

Rico - 13-05-31

She got new eyes while we were at the party, hopefully they'll photograph better but I'm not going to hold my breath.

I whipped up a new skirt for Anjeni, intending her to wear it with her unbleached bamboo tank top but it ended up looking better with her white one.

Anjeni - 13-05-31

Which needed a new necklace because none of the ones she had were quite right.

Anjeni - New Necklace

Finally Talar. She's my problem child at the moment because she can't really share clothing with Rico and Namid that well. She can wear the pants Rico came with only because they're very loose on Rico (Rico has 17cm hips, Talar as 19cm hips). Tops are a bit better, she has the same bust size as Rico, but neither of them has the even the amount of clothing that Namid has so mixing and matching gets a bit tricky.

Which boils down to "I made Talar stuff".

Bad photo is bad, but it's what she wore to the party:

Talar - 13-05-31

The pants only needed blocking, but her shirts and shoes were things I made just before the meet.

Proto Snow Kaver - Side

I love this shot. Therefore I am leaving it out of the cut.

The jeans were purchased at Mint on Card, the necklace is from Kris (swiped from Anjeni) and the rest are all things I made.

The sweater. I didn't think I'd love this sweater as much as I do, really. Especially the color blocking that resulted from running out of the unbleached bamboo. I had thought I would dye it when it was finished but I like this way too much as it is to do that now.

The front was the gauge swatch for the top I made for Kris' girl Emily. It was far too big for the single jointed body but it works well on the double jointed one with the bigger bust and wider shoulders. I had already finished the neckline with some reverse stockinette in order to test out the idea, otherwise I would have done some ribbing like the hem and cuffs and made it less indecent.

At some point after finishing the front I had made the back and one sleeve. The latter was knit to test that my modification from a hexagon to a pentagon would lay flat. So when I needed a new top in short order the one where I only had to knit a sleeve, seam it up, and knit ribbing was the logical choice.

So even before I put the sweater on her I knew that neckline, and the high cut sides, were going to make her one breeze away from a wardrobe failure. I knit her a strapless bikini top to wear under it while the sweater was still wet and blocking. Eventually I will get a photo of it on its own, the fit is pretty amazing for something so very simple. But the cuffs on the sweater are tight enough that I really should take her hands off to get the sweater off and I just haven't wanted to bother with it.

Besides, I'm probably going to knit some bikini bottoms to go with it at some point anyway.

The belt was crocheted after the party because as awesome as the fit is on those jeans from the hips down, they are very loose in the waist.

Basic Crochet Flats

I also crocheted her some shoes. They are far from perfect, the toes are very square and the soles should have been a bit wider, but they're my first attempt so I tell myself not to cringe. I'll make her better ones eventually.

In fact I know I can make better ones because this last weekend I did:

BJD Crochet Wedges 2

These are for Namid, and for the high heel feet (which Talar also has) but they do also fit the flat feet. I am so pleased with these. I still need practice cutting the cork tiles but they came out pretty nice, though a bit rough even after sanding. I fixed the square toe problem and managed to make a much better template for cutting the soles.

After the shoes these seem a bit anti-climatic, but Namid wanted capris to go with her T-shirt sweater and new wedges.

Petal Pink Pedal Pushers - Front

There are other detail shots of most things on my Flickr if you are interested.

One last thing finished before the party and not photographed, a new case for my camera because the original one is all icky nasty with age. I knit one of out cotton in linen stitch with a velcro closure on the flap.
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