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The rest of the mini sweaters

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Wayfaring Yarns does a mini sweater KAL every August and I finally finished the last of the patterns and blocked them.

Sweater #2 (pinky/coral/rust) was knit as written except I mirrored the cable on the second sleeve. I used the twisted German/old Norwegian cast on and the Icelandic bind off since they look nice with garter stitch.

Sweater #3 (blue) knit completely as written, again using twisted German cast on and Icelandic bind off. This pattern really needed blocking and is why I delayed posting until I blocked things. I may add a button to the neck, but I have decided if it will be a snap with a button over it or if I can get a button between the stitches to fake a buttonhole.

Sweater #4 (green) was really fun because I basically said "nope, not going to seam this thing." The pattern calls for casting on the first cuff and working flat, you cast on for each half of the body and divide from the neck and when all is said and done you have to seam the sleeves and sides. I knit with a long-ish circular suitable for magic loop ,so instead I cast on and joined in the round. When it came time to start the body I did a figure-8 cast on using the needle for the side I was currently knitting and the cord for the other. From that point I was knitting flat like the pattern called for, but in a U thanks to the closed side "seam". When I reached the other side I cut the yarn with a tail long enough to graft the side seam (in pattern) and rejoined at the under arm to knit the sleeve. I used the twited German/Icelandic combo again but half way through I kicked myself since I could have used the alternating cast on and grafted bind offs with the seed stitch hems on this pattern. 


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