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May 24th, 2017

Good News

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I know that nobody out there could possibly be as worried about this as I was, but the yarn is here.

yarnhere 2017-05-24

Let the great blanket sprint begin – and yes, I know that swatch is tiny but I say it counts. Casting on in 3-2…. oh, wait. I have to get dinner together first. Oh, and answer that email. I’ll do it right after, crap. I’m due at Meg’s place.

Today. It begins sometime today.

(PS, Thanks for everything on the post before this one, you guys are amazing, and Team Knit is creeping towards its goals. We love you!)

May 13th, 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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So, ESC tonight! This year's motto is Celebrate Diversity. I'm definitely going to watch, actually really looking forward to it. I'm about to start warming up with watching my favourite entries from the past years on YouTube. *g*

As usual I'm going into it unspoiled. I didn't watch the semi finals, I have no favourites or even any idea who's going to sing for Germany.

Also, I hope it's not getting too political, and that the German commentator can keep his insults and stupid opinion to himself this time. Ugh, not much hope there, so I better start on the alcohol now, too.

Are you watching? Even if not, have something fun to get into the mood: Love, Love, Peace, Peace - How to create the perfect Eurovision Performance | Tutorial

ETA: So, voting is almost over. I split my votes mostly between Poland, Armenia, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia and Azerbaijan. Liked the songs better than last year, too.

ETA 2: Urgh. I'm so meh about this year's winner. I found that one even more boring than our entry.

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