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June 1st, 2011


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I was in the living room talking with [info]hafoc and I look over toward the hall and see Shadow trotting along, tail in the air in that posture that signifies "pleased with myself", and a toy in her mouth.

I focused on her mouth, because that shape wasn't any toy I was familiar with, and she was so pleased I wondered if she had silently caught a live mouse or something.

The something was pale pink and yellow and had long silvery sticks poking out of it. In fact it looked a lot like this:

Candy Floss Bolero

Which is what I had left on my desk in the middle of a row to go see what Hafoc was chuckling at.

Shadow, ever courteous, let me have it, and followed me as I quickly collected the yards of sewing thread that had rolled off the spools behind her. The majority of the "damage" was the tangle I made collecting the thread. And the wet ends left from my cast on, ew.

I sat at the dining room table to untangle things and rewind spools. Since I was there, I finished the row, and just as I set the knitting down Shadow walks up and looks at me, all big eyes and dark floofy face and trills.

"Hi! I'm cute and floofy and soft and cuddly and purr-y... and I just stole your knitting and you still love me."
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September 9th, 2008

I'm home!

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And I've slept so I can post. :)

The cats got FAT while I was gone. I know they tend to overeat when I'm gone but, wow, they are pudgy. :D They'll lose it in short order if the pattern holds. I think they boredom eat (or maybe comfort eat) when I'm not around.

I'll be writing up a knitted hat pattern soon and I think I'll put it up for sale. I need to set a price though, I suck at that. Time to research what knitted hat patterns tend to sell for.

By the way, anyone on my friends list have a noggin that measures 20" around? I've test knit the 22 and 24" sizes but I don't have a convenient 20" skull to try the small size on. I'll post a photo of some of the hats I knit later and if you have a 20" head and think you'd wear one we can talk. :)

More knitting related updates to come later.

Now to get to the unpacking and assorted post-trip chores.

June 7th, 2007

The cat drank my beer!

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Patches, the cat that likes coffee, also likes beer. We've been aware that she's intrigued by it for some time, we found her sniffing the necks of empty bottles and giving them a lick or two, but tonight I have proof it's not just a casual "oh, this smells different" thing.

I was finishing off my beer and Patches strolled over and sat down next to the bottle.


She looked at the bottle.

*sniffsniff* Her nose was practically on the bottle.

So I swiped the bottle and finished it off then set the bottle back down.


Her tongue was on the lip of the bottle and then as far into the bottle as she could reach.

The bottle has a very well polished lip now, inside and out.

Good thing I don't drink from a pint glass, it would probably have cat fur in it.
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