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March 19th, 2012

A bit of this and that

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Massive catch up post is going to be massive.

On the knitting front, well I have a lot of works in progress and not that many finished ones. And it took me a while to get photos for those so there's a pile up. Knitting )

I think that caught up my knitting, other than the fact that I finished knitting my sweater months ago and have procrastinated so long on sewing it up the weather has become too warm to wear it. I'll have to sew the sleeves in and seam the sides and find out once and for all if I knit the sleeves too long. I think that's a big part of why I haven't done it yet, I'm afraid I'll find out I need to fix the sleeves. I keep telling myself I'm skilled enough that should the worst happen I can cut the cuffs off and reknit them shorter. If I cut the right spot it will be like grafting ribbing to reattach them. Slightly tricky, but possible.

Onto other things! I saw a video about making a bead ring and had to try it. Rings! )

The ring shots show off the white nails I was sporting for about a week. I had a couple other nail styles since my last post too. )

On the crafty front, I'm pondering Kindle covers. My birthday is today and my present from Hafoc needs a cover. :)

February 7th, 2012

Feeling kinda girly

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There are a lot of hair, make-up, and nail art pins on Pinterest and I think they finally got to me. It's been a long time since I painted my nails (and boy does the lack of practice show) and I've been seeing a lot of interesting takes on the French manicure so I decided to play.

Rose Wine & Cinnabar Chrome

Yeah... I think it's been a decade or more since I did a French, so this is more a "tipped" effect. Oh well, I mostly wanted to test how these two polishes looked together anyway.

[The weird light reflections are due to one being light from a window that looks out on woods and the other being an overhead light fixture.]

Bed color: Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails" in Rose Wine
Tip color: Sally Hansen "Chrome Nail Makeup" in Cinnabar

I like the effect. I also have the Chrome in Platinum and Royal Purple so I may try white with platinum tips later. I'm lacking in purple creme colors though, and I don't think the chrome effect would work next to a pearl, so the purple version may have to wait on me bothering to buy a creme purple for the bed color.
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