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June 27th, 2015

The Crafty Report

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The craft output of the last year has not been up to the usual level due to life events. I know I mentioned my mother's valve replacement surgery that was scheduled for last summer and ended up being last fall. What I didn't mention is the reason for the delay; my Dad died. I spent late summer and fall with Mom and my brother and didn't get home until early November, which is also why you didn't see any hints of NaNoWriMo last year. I wanted to do NaNo but there was just nothing for me to work with, not even enough to really get a character or setting started, and absolutely no energy to write with, especially not with nearly a third of the month passed already. It hurt a bit to skip a year but not as much as trying and failing would have.

Anyway, I did actually get some crafty things done in the second half of last year. Many photos behind the cut. )

November 30th, 2013

Not dead yet

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I haven't written anything here (whichever journal service you're reading this on) since... June. I'm getting progressively worse at keeping these things up to date.  :(

I'll skip the knitting update, it will give me something to do later; hopefully not six months from now.

So, since last time I wrote:
  • I went to Anthrocon and had a good time.
  • I visited family, which involves driving 888 miles one way, seeing all the relatives, and driving 888 miles back.
  • I received a very generous and very early Christmas present after I returned home; that will get another post.
  • I honestly can't say where several weeks went.
  • Some of them were spent going "will I or won't I" in regard to NaNo.

2013 NaNoWriMo WinnerYes, I did NaNoWriMo again.

It actually went very, very much better than last year.

I had to restart it. My first attempt would work better for an opening to a sequel, which I don't have a plot for, so that was a short road to nowhere.

I managed to get to about 35k on my second attempt before getting horrifically stuck. I flailed around for a few days and ended up writing out a time line of events in the two locations which helped a lot, largely by making me go "but why did they do this/did that happen".

Eventually I realized I had started at the wrong point in time again. So I jumped back and started writing another beginning, but this one should hook up at some point in the middle of the story to my second stab at the idea. 

I still have a list of "why" to work out, but it's not the worst 50k I've ever written.

October 2nd, 2011

29 days and some hours until NaNoWriMo

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Yes, I plan to do it again. I even have a vague idea to work from. Very vague. I still have time though, so I'm not worried about that yet.

This will be my sixth NaNo. I've noticed some trends in my NaNo experiences that are rather depressing. It gets harder every year for one. Here's a bit of a review of the experiences: This ended up rather long. )

So in the end it boils down to this:

  • Unless I have a really good idea I'm going to be whiny and complain a lot.

  • Even with a good idea I'm still going to whine.

  • When the writing goes well, it will go very well.

  • When it goes badly, it can go very, very badly.

  • I can, if pressed, knock out about seven thousand words in a day.

  • I am much more comfortable getting a day or two of buffer built up and sticking between fifteen hundred and two thousand words.

  • When I'm stuck, add more characters or split them up so I have more than one location to write about.

  • If the story just will not move I'm probably pushing in the wrong place.

  • In general, the less I post the worse it's going.

November 28th, 2010

50,184 Verified Words

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Or 50,725 if you trust EditPad

I'm sure at least a third of those will be cut in editing, but for now my hands are tired and I don't want to look at it any more. XD

Verification is hungry

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My program says 50,059
NaNo's site says 49,456

Writing more words, I am.

November 27th, 2010

Less than 2k to go!

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48,560 words down. :)

Alexis and Jordan drifted off but that's okay, Christian and Matt picked up the slack. I think I have another scene with the boys that might finish me off in terms of word count. The actual story needs heavy editing, but that's not surprising. NaNo is not for finishing a polished story, it's for getting a rough draft down.

November 26th, 2010

When you're stuck, add characters

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Thanks to Lexie and Jordan I made it to 46055 tonight.

Paula had little to do with it, and Matt, Cory, and Christian even less, but they did their little parts and Christian and Matt may be taking over tomorrow if I get stuck again.

November 24th, 2010

Might need a day off

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My hands are really sore today, but I still managed to get to 41,812 words.

I also started a dog sweater. It's for a small dog and I'm already a couple inches into it. I think the pattern dramatically overestimated the yardage required, but I won't know until I finish it. If I don't need the second skein they over estimated.

November 22nd, 2010

Only 10k left....

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And sadly, I know at least half of this will be ripped out in editing.

40,098 words

Today's segment brought to you by Sam's creepy stalker of a neighbor. I need to think of a way to keep that poor woman from going home because that guy is seriously creeping me out.

November 21st, 2010

Weekend progress

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I totally forgot to update yesterday. I had a nice car trip and lunch out and still managed to write some and get to 36,686 words.

Today I reached 38,391 words. I'm still two days ahead and I hope to get to 40k tomorrow.

Knitting catch up time. )

November 18th, 2010

Errands done, Hair is cut, Writing... went

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I think I am out of steam. I hope I think of something to write tomorrow.


Still two days ahead, no loss of buffer today either, but I really had hoped to be at 35k tonight. Oh well, if I do figure out what to write tomorrow I can try for 36k which will close enough to 36,667 that I might push for it if I have the time.

No matter what I do tomorrow though I must go out and take down the wind chimes outside my window. We have had snow and I've spotted ice forming on them this afternoon. That section where they hang is prone to becoming a very large icicle every winter so the chimes have to come in.

November 17th, 2010


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Sick today. Hands hurt. Wrote anyway.

1750 words, which is less than I have been but more than yesterday. My total is now 31,860 which is still two days ahead of schedule.

I'm still not feeling the love for this story, but I do like the characters at least. Except maybe Peyton, he's a prissy ass and doesn't get along with Vince.


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I totally did not feel like writing today. I didn't knit either. Frankly I don't know what I did today other than talk to Mom on the phone and that wasn't a very long call (for us).

Anyway, only made it to 30,110 which was just 1084 words for the day, not even the NaNo standard of 1667. I'm still two days ahead though, but only 3443 words in the buffer now rather than 4026.

But! At the end of the last scene I wrote I pulled the names of four new characters out of the air. Yes, this means I have nine named characters to chase around, though I don't expect these new four to be major players. For one thing, other than Director Elizabeth Riedel I have no clue what they do, other than be generic federal level law enforcement types. Basil Ericson will probably need a good manly nickname if anyone needs to call him anything other than Ericson. Peyton Nibbe has me pulling my hair already and I at least think I have an idea of what he does. I think he's going to be a problem when I get him and Vince in the same room, competing professionals I suspect.

The one that has me most interested though, is Logan McGregor. When I was trying to find her given name she told me she was named after her grandmother's family (Logan was Grandma's maiden name). It was a ploy to curry favor with the rich relative and it worked, for Logan. She gets an allowance from her Grandmother, and has a fat trust fund waiting for her to turn thirty.

Logan is actively chatty at me, which is a pleasant change from the other characters. Well other than Vince, Vince sort of had a meltdown on me and got me ahead of schedule with his internal freak out.

November 16th, 2010

Still chugging

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4026 words ahead now.

The urge to take a day off is strong. However it's pretty nice to have a buffer of a couple days, and if I can keep this up for another day or two I'll be three days ahead.

Obviously 30k is close now, that's the goal for the 18th and I'll hit that tomorrow unless I totally flake out. I've been doing about 2k a day so 31k would be logical for tomorrow, however the goal for the 19th is 31,667 so I might try to push for that instead.

Assuming I can force myself to write. I just really don't want to write this year, I'd rather be knitting.

November 15th, 2010

Slogging along

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27,032 / 3698 words ahead

I'm getting burned out on this. I like each character individually. I like them together. Unfortunately at this point it feels like it would be more interesting to write about them going out for pizza beer, and bowling. Which, considering I don't bowl, would not be very interesting.

The story should be changing location tomorrow though, and the group is splitting up. One thing my other NaNo stories has taught me is that splitting a group and tracking the splinters makes the word count easier to reach. When I get bored with one group I can hop to the other. Here's hoping that trend continues this year.

November 13th, 2010

Half way there!

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That is two days ahead of schedule. :)

Kyle, the big muscle-y computer geek makes lace for a hobby (knit and crochet). XD

So close

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But I didn't make it to 23,334 before midnight. I could say it was because I spent half the day being sick but really, I could have written instead of getting three rows done on my shawl and finishing a slipper.

23,009 isn't so bad though. I guess I better be sure to get to 25k tomorrow then. :)

November 12th, 2010

Got to love spell casting

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It's great for the word count. :)


For reference, tomorrow's goal would be 20k, the goal for Saturday would be 21,667. So tomorrow I will be aiming for Sunday's goal for 23,334 and two days worth of buffer. I'll probably need it, my hands ached all day today. Unfortunately my prime procrastination activity during NaNo is knitting, which doesn't help the hands at all. XD

November 11th, 2010

Actually wrote on the story today

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Describing how a spell is set up is good for the word count.


That's just a bit over 2k ahead! So far so good on keeping a full day ahead or more. Vince just apologized to Dan but his reasoning is off the mark. We'll have to see if Dan corrects that or just rolls with it.

November 10th, 2010


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Really didn't feel like writing today so I did my word count in extensive notes for myself about the way magic and technology work together, the way people with magical ability are trained, and general appearance and personality notes on my five major characters.

Also, I knit half a slipper.

16,783 words before midnight, 16,856 as of now.
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