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May 12th, 2015

Just when you thought it was safe....

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Or rather, when you thought it was safe for years.

I went into Payless to look at shoes today. Not because I actually needed a pair of shoes mind you, though I could use a pair of beige/bone/taupe/not too orange- medium or light brown low heels, but because I was feeling like I was dressed nice. I had an appointment that ended up only taking half an hour tops and getting a box of haircolor at Wal-Mart after that seemed a poor use of looking nice. So I went and sniffed things at Bath & Body (and everything was too sweet to consider actually putting on my body) and went into Payless.

Now, to fully understand what happened you have to know a couple things. One, I have always, always, had big feet, we're not talking "oh she needs a size 10" we're talking "we have nothing in the store that you get get your foot into, except this narrow rack of mens shoes". Two, I have lost a lot of weight over the past few years. Somewhere between 50 and 70 pounds, I don't know precisely because the scale only marked to 350 and I weighed more than that. People do not consider, and some do not believe, that you can and do "lose weight" from your feet. It's not just fat but fact that you aren't putting as much weight on them and they aren't spreading out as much when you stand. So I wander in, ask if they have any 12s or 13s and figure I will try on a couple of pairs of 13, wide if they have any, and find they do not fit and then go home.

Yeah. It didn't go that way.

I tried on at least half a dozen pairs, they all fit. Even the ankle strap sandals that zipped up the back of the heel! And I have the least delicate ankles you are likely to find. I made myself only buy the two cheapest pairs, some "nude" colored flats because I really could use some casual, and suitable for wear with skirts, shoes that aren't black, and some black suede wedges because I discovered last summer that my black heels that I wear with suits are now really freaking loose. The flats are size 13 and a bit loose but the 12s were a bit too snug. The wedges are 12W. I even walked around the store in those for a while to be sure they fit, they're actually a bit loose in the heel.

I am in a state of WTF.

If I weren't so used to being tight fisted with money I would have come home with at least the casual grey flats I also tried on if not the sandals. I haven't worn sandals in at least 20 years but those tempted me, even if my short little toes look kinda silly on display.

Payless is not safe for browsing anymore.

March 27th, 2008

Shoes for me for $5? YES!

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Thanks to this post by CraftyHippie on Craftster I now have a source for $5 casual summer shoes.

Most people have no occasion to be aware that those cheap White Stag shoes at WalMart often run up to size 12. I generally just check the bins of the Keds knock offs (with little luck) but the ones with the elastic gores frequently have at least a few pairs of 12s. Until I read the above linked post I never paid much attention to that since the elastic gore made them impossible to wear with my very high instep.

She's right, the gore comes right out clean with just a seam ripper.

Pity they never seem to have 12W shoes in those bins, but so far these seem comfortable enough with thin socks. :) And if they only last a summer, well they were only $5.

*contemplates the things she can do with a supply of cheap black, white, and sometimes navy, kakhi, or red, canvas shoes*
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