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Mini Sweater #1

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Wayfaring Yarns/Sweater Sisters is doing their annual mini sweater KAL again this year so I knit up the first pattern using Lion brand Summer Nights yarn and US #1 (2.25mm) needles. My only changes to the pattern were to do some decreases in the first round of ribbing for the cuffs and hem so that I could use 2x2 ribbing to match the neck (and also get the cable to flow into the ribbing).

A doll with wild orange hair wearing a turtleneck sweater in shades of blue in green with a wide horseshoe cable running down the center front.

The fit is surprisingly good on my Bobobie March. There are some things I would change for a better fit/cleaner lines if I knit another, but I’m happy enough with it.

The bacl of a doll with wild orange hair wearing a sweater in shanges of blue and green. There is a bit of baggy fabric in the upper back.

That excess fabric is from the extreme increases in the yoke and I would omit about eight of them in the back section and add them back in as waist/hip shaping. March has booty, so while I could shave a few stitches off here and there in the sleeves and upper torso I would need all of the torso stitches to cover her butt.

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