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August 11th, 2020

Mini Sweater #1

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Wayfaring Yarns/Sweater Sisters is doing their annual mini sweater KAL again this year so I knit up the first pattern using Lion brand Summer Nights yarn and US #1 (2.25mm) needles. My only changes to the pattern were to do some decreases in the first round of ribbing for the cuffs and hem so that I could use 2x2 ribbing to match the neck (and also get the cable to flow into the ribbing).

A doll with wild orange hair wearing a turtleneck sweater in shades of blue in green with a wide horseshoe cable running down the center front.

The fit is surprisingly good on my Bobobie March. There are some things I would change for a better fit/cleaner lines if I knit another, but I’m happy enough with it.

The bacl of a doll with wild orange hair wearing a sweater in shanges of blue and green. There is a bit of baggy fabric in the upper back.

That excess fabric is from the extreme increases in the yoke and I would omit about eight of them in the back section and add them back in as waist/hip shaping. March has booty, so while I could shave a few stitches off here and there in the sleeves and upper torso I would need all of the torso stitches to cover her butt.

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May 18th, 2020

Finishing more old stuff

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Finishing more old stuff

Sometime last year someone on one of the knitting discords posted a link to the Shusui Shrug pattern. The designer was thoughtful enough to post a video on how to get the thing started and I just had to try it….


Now, before I show the back, let it be known that my Knit Picks needles decided to betray me and the cord came out of the needle right in the middle of the two color brioche portion and dropped a couple dozen stitches.

Let it also be known that acrylic crochet thread doesn’t actually like to be knit with all that much and wants to be straight. Yeah. But! I did get everything back on the needles, and after several attempts even sort of got everything fixed!

Just please ignore the horridly uneven tension that remains even after attempts to fix it and blocking. And that one strand that ran on the RS instead of the WS that I didn’t notice until I was pinning it out to block, okay?


Bernat handicrafter #5 crochet thread

US size 3 (3.25mm) needles for body/upper sleeves

US size 1 (2.25mm) for sleeves after the body division

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April 25th, 2020

It only took 3 or 4 years...

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In my defense, the project bag got eaten by stash and I only found it again when I had to deep dive because of the Stay At Home order. I know that’s not much of a defense.

Anyway, back when the Hunger Games was The Thing and Catching Fire was about to open, knitters kinda lost their minds over Katniss’ sweater (and that one arm cowl/vest thing). I poured over every high res promo shot I could find and knit my version of the sweater for one of my dolls. Then, probably in 2016 or 17, I started another from my notes on the first.

So when I was stash diving I found what I had finished, the side panels, tail, and bottom hem. About half the sweater was already done so I knit the sleeves and then in the fiddly bit to fill in the torso and finish the yoke.


This doll (Dollzone Mo on body b45-012) is a bit taller and slimmer through the shoulder and bust than the one I made the original for (Featherfall Elf Iruhi on Resinsoul Rong body) but I think the fit is okay, as long as you don’t mind flashing a bit of belly (the low rise pants don’t help; yes I knit those too).


My version was knit before we had a shot of the back of the movie sweater, and from what we could see of it I had assumed the side panels were square and met in the back. The real sweater is more boring so I didn’t even consider restarting when I saw the back was different.

Knit with Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet Thread (discontinued, dammit) on US size 0 (2mm) needles.

That’s one more thing out of the WIP pile. I might even finish the rest if the SaHO keeps being extended. This entry was originally posted at where it has comment count unavailable comments.

March 16th, 2020

Now with Socks

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I did indeed lose at yarn chicken. Knowing it would be possible, however, I stopped the first sock with just the graft at the toe left and used the other end of the ball to make the second sock.

I ran out of yarn so I ripped back the first sock a few rows so I could get the second knit to the same point. Then I split some dark grey worsted yarn down to single plies and used those to do the last three rounds (holding the tail of the original yarn and the new yarn together for the first half round to blend the two on the top of the toe) and graft the toes closed. Since she's using her high heel feet the mismatched yarn is all under her toes when she wears the socks so it's good enough for me.


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