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April 23rd, 2018

An update on sugar free cake

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Pillsbury's Sugar Free Devil's Food Cake Mix can be improved significantly with these simple changes:
  • Use an extra egg
  • Use butter instead of oil
  • Add one packet of sugar free cook and serve chocolate pudding mix
We have jumbo eggs, and sometimes they have two yokes. This particular cake therefore had four eggs in the mix with five egg yolks. The texture turned out to be just what I want in a devil's food cake.
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April 23rd, 2010

Recipe hunt

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There exists a recipe from about 1987 or so, that was published in a Weight Watchers magazine or cookbook, that I would dearly love to find again. I've scoured every one of the books and magazines that I found digging around Mom's collection and whatever book or magazine it was in was not among them. I've tried asking in Weight Watchers forums and LJ communities with no luck but maybe by some astronomical chance someone that reads this will have it.

It was a pie recipe.

It had a crumb crust that included oatmeal and cinnamon and had to be baked before filling.

The filling included frozen unsweetened strawberries, unflavored gelatin, and whipped topping as ingredients.

I don't recall any eggs in the recipe, but given it was more than twenty years ago that doesn't say much.

It would not have been complicated since 12/13 year old me had even less patience for complicated recipes than 36 year old me. I'm pretty sure it came down to "make crust, bake crust, cool crust, make filling, fill crust, chill". That said, I was a pretty decent cook by that time so it wouldn't have to be "so simple a kid could make it" since my skills were definitely adult level and I was already taking over a lot of the holiday cooking from Mom.

I remember this pie mostly for the crust, the fact the filling mounded very high, and you got a huge portion for your exchanges in the Weight Watchers program of the time.

So if you know this recipe, share? :)
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