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August 23rd, 2017

Yay and Foo

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Had to get my passport renewal in the mail, which meant a photo. Which of course meant my skin decided to break out. :P But! I managed to Do The Makeup well enough to make my skin look clear, so it is probably my least UGH! mug shot to date. So net result... yay?

Then, since I had make up on I figured I'd get some use out of it and not just go home afterward. I was the most over dressed woman returning cans at Meijer, but it gave me nearly $10 to browse with, No joy on the takoyaki flour front (foo!) but I found sugar free chocolate chips (yay!) so I bought two bags, a bag of sugar free Reese's cups, and still got almost $3 back. Another net yay from that stop.

Then I went to Payless. I don't really have a need for new shoes but I like to see what they have. I wouldn't have found those knee high boots a couple years ago if I hadn't after all. I walk in and... NO size 13s. FOO! I mostly take 12w, which they still had a few of, though not many of the 12s were also wide, but the complete lack of size 13 is dispiriting. Sure, they do let you order on the site for delivery to the store where you can try on and get a refund, but it sort of misses the whole point of being able to browse and try things on that you might not have considered (like those boots of mine). It also requires you to buy the shoes just to try them on. So no impulse shoe purchases anymore, which may be for the best, but it does kill what little fun there had been in shoe shopping these last few years.

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April 18th, 2017

One less tooth

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Opted to have an infected molar extracted rather than pour money and painful time into killing the infection and having a root canal and crown. As the dentist put it, missing one tooth won't bother me and putting the money into restoring the other teeth would be money better spent.

I just wish anesthetic and painkillers didn't metabolize so fast with me. I wasn't even out of the office before the gaping hole where the tooth used to be started itching and aching.

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June 27th, 2015

The Crafty Report

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The craft output of the last year has not been up to the usual level due to life events. I know I mentioned my mother's valve replacement surgery that was scheduled for last summer and ended up being last fall. What I didn't mention is the reason for the delay; my Dad died. I spent late summer and fall with Mom and my brother and didn't get home until early November, which is also why you didn't see any hints of NaNoWriMo last year. I wanted to do NaNo but there was just nothing for me to work with, not even enough to really get a character or setting started, and absolutely no energy to write with, especially not with nearly a third of the month passed already. It hurt a bit to skip a year but not as much as trying and failing would have.

Anyway, I did actually get some crafty things done in the second half of last year. Many photos behind the cut. )

November 30th, 2013

Not dead yet

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I haven't written anything here (whichever journal service you're reading this on) since... June. I'm getting progressively worse at keeping these things up to date.  :(

I'll skip the knitting update, it will give me something to do later; hopefully not six months from now.

So, since last time I wrote:
  • I went to Anthrocon and had a good time.
  • I visited family, which involves driving 888 miles one way, seeing all the relatives, and driving 888 miles back.
  • I received a very generous and very early Christmas present after I returned home; that will get another post.
  • I honestly can't say where several weeks went.
  • Some of them were spent going "will I or won't I" in regard to NaNo.

2013 NaNoWriMo WinnerYes, I did NaNoWriMo again.

It actually went very, very much better than last year.

I had to restart it. My first attempt would work better for an opening to a sequel, which I don't have a plot for, so that was a short road to nowhere.

I managed to get to about 35k on my second attempt before getting horrifically stuck. I flailed around for a few days and ended up writing out a time line of events in the two locations which helped a lot, largely by making me go "but why did they do this/did that happen".

Eventually I realized I had started at the wrong point in time again. So I jumped back and started writing another beginning, but this one should hook up at some point in the middle of the story to my second stab at the idea. 

I still have a list of "why" to work out, but it's not the worst 50k I've ever written.

December 15th, 2012

Here, there, and... here

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I've let this slide a lot lately, it's requiring something like effort and I've been putting it off. So, as has become my habit, you get a catch up post of tedious length.

First off, NaNoWriMo.

I only posted once, which is generally a very bad sign. Well I did hammer out 50,000 words and "win" again but it was soul sucking and joyless and the first pass edit took out nearly half of those words. I spent all month restarting the story and getting myself to points where I hated everything about it and restarting it again. I think I can maybe tweak three of those false starts into one timeline but I suspect still more words will be cut out before I even think about adding to them.

So the lesson of this NaNo? If I don't have something I'm really interested in writing, do not do NaNo. Also, if that interesting thing involves any amount of "mystery" to the plot I'm basically shooting my foot before I start the race. I'm just plain bad at writing mystery, probably because I'm bad at figuring them out in the first place. XD

Other things. Well part of the hassle of NaNo was that there was kitchen renovation going on while I was trying to write. We have an awesome kitchen now though. :)

I think I'm down to the knitting portion of our program, so have a cut. Have some knitting related news. )

And that leaves one bit of knitting out from under the cut. Why? Because I actually wrote up the pattern and put it up for sale today.

Burgundy Shorts - Front Burgundy Shorts Too - Back

Modeled on two different dolls. (The booty shot is my new girl, Talar, who also needs a photo shoot....)

As a result of having this pattern up for sale I've been dusting off Omnifariously Knotty. I need to get that site template working with OpenID (the hooks are all there, the layout just doesn't display anything for it) and, you know, put some content in there. XD

January 20th, 2012

Well that was easy

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I called in today to find out where I could park for jury duty on Monday, if I had to report in (I was planning to wait until after 5 to call, in case it didn't get settled until late this afternoon). I found out how the parking works, which is super easy, but more importantly I found out that ALL my potential trials have been canceled. My service is complete and all I ended up needing to do is to get excused for last Monday since I was in California.

I am feeling a bit at loose ends at the moment... I had a schedule for the next week and a half. :D

November 2nd, 2010

Votes have been cast

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I think I was the youngest voter in there. Though I imagine that most of my age bracket either went on their lunch hour or will go after work. If they vote at all.

Now I really should get to writing, even if I have no idea what comes next.

April 15th, 2010

A good day

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It's warm out, but no unpleasantly so.

It's breezy, but not too windy.

The windows are open and I can hear all of our wind chimes.

Though I do wish I had a bamboo set at the back of the house, the sound from the set on the porch doesn't carry well enough to be heard in my room over the copper set at the sliding door in the living room. I know Big Lots has some lovely inexpensive bamboo sets, or did when I was in there last, but they simply aren't in my budget (nothing is these days).

But still, a warm day full of wind chimes is a good day. :)

March 19th, 2010

Before it is no longer the 19th

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I should probably remark on being another year older, and presumably wiser. I'm not huge on doing something special for my birthday, but it's nice to have it acknowledged. To me birthdays aren't so much about age (other than those significant ones like "you are now old enough to get a driver's lilcense/vote/buy your own damned beer/etc") but as a day that people might say "I'm glad you were born so I could meet you". So far I'm running about equal with comments from people and from computers, the computers have the advantage of better memories for dates. ;)

October 23rd, 2009

Oh, do I have a hate on...

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For "Financial Solutions". Why? The motherfuckers keep calling me. The first time or two I just hung up, my only phone is a cell and I don't like paying for junk calls. The next time I listened to the message and pressed 2 to get off their list. I did the same the time after that. Today however I pressed 1 to get a person:

Fucktard: Financial Solutions, how are you today?

Me: Fine, but you've called me four times and I pre-

Fucktard: *hangs up*

Me: ...ssed the do not call... twice. *instant hate on*

So, the next time, shall I just hang up and live with the fuckers calling me? Press 2 again and hope the third time is the charm on getting OFF their fucking list? Press 1 and immediately say "Give me your supervisor"? Or maybe "DO. NOT. Hang up on me." and then tell me to be sure my number is off their list?

Is there anywhere I can stab these assholes where it will hurt?

April 9th, 2009

I survived!

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About ten minutes on the phone, and on the air (WKMT northern Michigan). A few verbal flubs, minor ones, and I was probably talking a bit fast, but I think it went okay.

I also got to put an email address out on the radio, custom set up for today, so if anyone is looking for a computer geek in northern Michigan they can chat with one that did a little work on CASPER.
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April 8th, 2009

OMG I'm nuts!

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So I went to the Job Fair today. I was exceedingly wound up about it last night and this morning and managed the world's fastest total revision of a resume ever I think. I printed out fifteen, enough for about half the employers, as if fifty percent was a reasonable match rate. I didn't need that many of course, I think I handed out three and one of those was to Kelly Services. The employers represented were basically military, law enforcement, health care, and food service. Not a very encouraging pool.

Anyway, onto the nuts part. The part giving me butterflies so big they might as well be fruit bats.

I spotted a listing of job categories with the local radio broadcasters. While I know nothing about, and have no interest in, working the public side of radio, I do know computers so I chatted a bit and they aren't looking right now but I can submit a resume. Pretty standard for the geekier positions around here.

And he actually skimmed it.

And noticed a little bit about working on the Cassini project's mission planning software.

And he's really good at talking people into things.

So around 8:10am I'm going to get a phone call and talk about working on that software for about 10-15 minutes on the radio.

I'm going to die.
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November 12th, 2008

Ramblings on weight, size, fitness, and WTF

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One of the forums I frequent is in the midst of a mudslinging bitchfest on the possibility/impossibility of being both overweight/fat and healthy. I'm not going to bother with generalizations like that. It just got me thinking about my own personal history and my recent apparent weight loss (such as it is).

The lightest I can remember weighing was 193 pounds. I can remember the number because I was so damned proud that I had lost 15 pounds. I was down to a size 14, I remember because I found some awesome robin's egg blue jeans with totally useless zippers in the pockets (useless in the design sense, they served no purpose at all) and they had a 34" waist. I was 5'4" and hadn't yet had to look for "tall" jeans. I was 12.

The smallest size I can remember wearing in my adult life was when I was 21, I was 5'9" and a size 24. I remember because I was having to get new clothing of some sort almost every weekend because of how quickly I was dropping sizes. I went from a size 32 to the 24 in just a semester or so, probably due to walking on average 5 miles a day 5 days a week with one weekend of all day hikes once a month. My bra size went nuts, from a 50B to a 38DD/36DDD and I was buying every bright color and wild print I could get my hands on because I could. No more plain beige, white, or black bras! I discovered that underwires were actually pretty damned awesome if they fit right. It was the first time that my bust became the fit issue with clothing rather than my belly.

I went from an estimated 360 pounds to 325. I know because I actually joined a gym and stood on a scale. I was bench pressing 197 pounds, curling 45, and resorted to the pneumatic leg press machine because it offered 790 pounds of resistance. I started training with the vague idea of making getting into power lifting competitions. I also developed a hatred for bikes and treadmills that had nothing to do with my aerobic abilities and everything to do with my still being very large and tall. Bikes never had a seat adjustment that made pedaling comfortable (and we will not discuss the comfort of the seats) and treadmills are made remarkably narrow for a device encouraged to be used for weight loss. Stairclimbers are of the devil.

Now, as of today, I am 327 pounds (if the scale is to be believed) and I have no clue what my actual size is. Based on the jeans that I have on hand it's probably a 28/30. I'm a lot less muscular than I was, alas. I can, in stretch knits and empire waisted styles with ample fabric below the bust, wear a size 24/26 shirt. I tend toward 2X tees that show that "yes, I do have boobs, thanks, stop calling me sir" rather than going immediately for the loose 3Xs. I find myself fairly comfortable about my size and body with the exception of my belly. The T&A are looking rather nice lately, in my opinion.

Thankfully, I know, if the trend in weight lost continues, the belly will solve itself. I have always lost weight in a certain pattern, under the bust for a while, from the face and neck, and then back to the underbust and belly, then thighs. I don't know after that because I haven't ever managed to get that far. Hopefully the boobs never get on the list because I've always, always been cheated in that department. A woman hauling around as many pounds as I do should have a RACK, goddammit!

November 4th, 2008

Voting complete

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Of course the local positions were mostly running unopposed so that wasn't much effort. Just two propositions this time, one I waffled on and now wish I had voted the other way even though I know in the end it doesn't matter because it won't pass anyway. The other I was very sure on.

Now for lunch, and then I had better figure out how to bash out about 5k on my NaNo at the least.

October 22nd, 2008


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So, okay, there is evidence that I have indeed lost a bit of weight over the last few months. My belts are fitting in smaller holes than they were and the painted on jeans that used to cut into my waist are now actually comfy and even require a belt to feel secure. However, the black jeans still don't fit so I figured I hadn't really lost that much.

Except, black jeans always run small. The brown jeans in the same size fit great, and presumably the blue ones will as well. But the real OMG moment was when I pulled out one of my cardigans. I have three of the same style in different colors but have been wearing only the black one in recent years since it's one size larger than the others and the style is supposed to be oversized. Today I pulled out the blue one....

I'm swimming in this thing. O.O! WTF?! I have inadequate means to convey the amount of shock I am experiencing. When I bought the "3x" tank top labeled 22/24 and it fit nicely I figured it was weird vanity sizing from Just My Size but now I have to wonder. I know there is no way I'm really a 22/24, but maybe 28 as the jeans claim isn't that far off....

What the hell have I been doing? I can't keep it up if I don't know what it is!

September 24th, 2008


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Too much to do and it's taking far too much effort to get moving on any of it. :P

I need to get that hat pattern written up and the rest of the photos taken. And I had a *d'oh* moment when I realized that I had knit a solid color hat specifically to take a photo of the top detail and then forgotten to take that photo. The hat is with Mom and thus nearly 1000 miles away. There is no digital camera over there for them to take a photo and have my brother (the one with the PC) try to email it to me. *head!desk* I guess I'll knit the top of a hat again in a solid just for a photo. :P I have reached the point where I am utterly SICK of knitting the pattern. And I still need someone with a 20" head to test the small size on. I need to know if there is enough depth in the small, there wasn't in the medium when I first knit it and I had to revise the pattern.

Actually, I need to call Mom. I might have someone I can knit a hat for over there if their head is the right size, and I suspect it is. If I make it pink she'll wear it at least long enough to see if it fits.

That aside, I've been looking at Ravelry's pattern sales system and setting myself up as a designer to use it. I'll have to get my business PayPal account into shape first, then go through the Ravelry system. Hopefully the feature to offer sales outside of Ravelry with Ravelry handling the delivery of the PDF is up and running, or will be when I need it, so I don't have to futz around setting up a delivery system of my own for people that aren't part of Ravelry.

Anyway, I had started this post just to post one link. I want this book. This is the book that has the superimposed knitting charts in it. I have an idea for another pattern using superimposed knitting just because the technique is delightfully geeky fun but first I need to get the hat, and possibly the sock, pattern(s) done. And probably the sweater and the shawl. And maybe that shrug pattern that I was thinking of and actually have the yarn for already. And all that non-knitting stuff I need to do.

September 9th, 2008

I'm home!

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And I've slept so I can post. :)

The cats got FAT while I was gone. I know they tend to overeat when I'm gone but, wow, they are pudgy. :D They'll lose it in short order if the pattern holds. I think they boredom eat (or maybe comfort eat) when I'm not around.

I'll be writing up a knitted hat pattern soon and I think I'll put it up for sale. I need to set a price though, I suck at that. Time to research what knitted hat patterns tend to sell for.

By the way, anyone on my friends list have a noggin that measures 20" around? I've test knit the 22 and 24" sizes but I don't have a convenient 20" skull to try the small size on. I'll post a photo of some of the hats I knit later and if you have a 20" head and think you'd wear one we can talk. :)

More knitting related updates to come later.

Now to get to the unpacking and assorted post-trip chores.

June 2nd, 2008

If you can find my phone number...

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You can fucking MAIL ME the page you seem think think I need to read concerning my domain. DO NOT fucking call me from INDIA and ask for a fax number so you can "fax me a single page" about my domain. If it's important, MAIL IT, if it is not - FUCK OFF!

This message brought to you by Tephie's "do NOT fucking FUCK with me" mood of the day.

February 22nd, 2008

It figures

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Nice. bright, sunny day... and I have a migraine. The only reason I'm awake at the moment is because Patches knocked stuff over trying to get in with my knitting (new sweater, cat approved, pre-furred!).

Still too soon to take more pain killers, wonderful.

February 14th, 2008

State of mind

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Since I whined at you (with the profanity filter off) I suppose I should let you know that the day is brighter now (even if it is snowing again).

I still have major things I need to kick my butt into gear and get done but the little things (that always eat you in the end) have cleared up a bit. [info]hafoc came home at lunch yesterday and dug out the trickle charger (which is something I thought of after my fit but didn't think he had, and didn't ask about to be certain) and we set it up on the Jeep. Even that little bit of charge from 1:00 to 5:30 was enough and it started up nicely. I let it run a bit and then went off (with cellphone in hand, no need to tempt Coyote/Raven/any other "mischievous" forces) to fill the tank and did some errands that could be done after 6pm.

I always get twitchy when I don't have a means of getting away from the house on my own, that didn't help my mood the other day. If my anxiety dreams have any common theme it's that when I feel trapped by/incapable of dealing with anything my dreams involve the loss of the Jeep. Generally the loss thing varies between a nervous "forgot where I parked it" to a horrified "someone stole my car!!", but I digress.

One of the things I did that was rather silly, and fortunately cheap, was "treat" myself to a skein of yarn. Cheap, not very good yarn (from the way the knit purists talk, the Yarn of Satan) but the color is pretty and I've been attracted to it every time I pass the yarn section. I'm in the process of knitting another slouchy hat out of it now, it makes me happy. :) The color knitted up is a bit odd, the skein seemed more blues and purples but the hat is making me think of Easter candy, though a bit darker and desaturated.

And I need to get pictures of the other hat one of these weekends if the weather and [info]hafoc will cooperate.

Getting back to the point, the Jeep started up fine today and I let it run for a while to charge the battery. Then, since it was warm, I tackled that back driver side running light. I don't think the bulb had ever been changed. I needed to use pliers to get the rubber plug to turn so I could pull the bulb out and get the new one in and I'm not sure the plug is securely back in place. I don't think it will managed to work itself out though, and even if it did it couldn't get far.

So, in brief:

Jeep runs - yay!
Tail light fixed - yay!
I can has pretty hat soon! ♥
Snowing again - *thhpppppt!*
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